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Ha … you really are new here :slight_smile: This was settled a long time ago.

As to your points, all good analysis of the game play. I suggested pounce mechanics ought to be changed during Legacy as well, and still feel so. I think the best way to balance this is not to necessarily deny monster the ability, but to change the mechanic so that a downed hunter can shoot the monster off, if in line of sight, as well as non-downed hunters.

The reality is, there’s few games where stopping a pounce on the last hunter would save the game as the monster would then just use abilities which ultimately require less skill and do more damage than pounce when they connect.

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At least when using abilities there’s always the chance of winning. Pouncing equals no chance, which is why I never pounce. More fair = more fun imo :slight_smile:


Apologies, its an inside joke and we can get crazy like that sometimes.

I think you made a very great post, it’s really good reading through your feedback. Very informative and well written, wished more newer players could do the same thing more. You feedback will prove helpful.


More history on Miley.


I agree with and disagree with some points:
Number one

  • the pounce idea is absolutely terrific, I’ll admit that I tend to pounce finish a lot of last hunters, and I do it because it’s just so freaking simple, but it’s not rewarding and gives little to no chance for the hunters to have a final clutch moment. The way you describe it sounds good to me since it just removes a toxic feature.

  • the dropship thing I have a bit of mixed feelings about, though I agree that EMET’s skill should have some actual decent use to it, if all hunters were to respawn at the same location two of the following things can happen:
    - The monster will wait for the players at spawn and kill them as soon as they drop down (I’ve been up against a meteor goliath who literally did this all the time on stage 3, my teammates were on the relay so the dropship would always spawn us at the same location)
    - The hunters will be spawned so far away that the team becomes too split and this may result in many unnecessary deaths, Imagine your medic dies and they respawn near you, just in time to heal you vs them spawning too far away, resulting in more deaths and an increased dropship timer.
    As for EMET, his beacon thing should be buffed a bit in my opinion, since the monster can just 1shot the beacon if I’m not mistaken, and the fact that the monster can see the timer of the beacon makes it usually easy to respond to.

Number two
Although it may not look like it , it does matter a lot who your assault is, as your primary and virtually only source of damage, the team needs to be built in certain ways to maximize the assault’s damage potential. a good example would be how Torvald’s mortars greatly benefit from well timed harpoon traps, Or how Markov doesn’t benefit that much from weak spots created by val & lazarus. Some characters synergise with each other, but it’s the hardest to notice with assault as those just scream “I’m damage hurrdurr!”.

Number three
Absolutely agree on all the points here, nothing really to add other than telling you that they are currently looking and working on it as far as I’ve been told.

Number four
I agree to some extend, my biggest issue at the moment is how miniscule the daily rewards are, and how they promote going specific roles, instead of that they should implement daily rewards for every single class, and up the amount of keys earned when you win.


Bookmarked for later read…

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Hey! Thanks for the feedback, good stuff. I agree with the general jist of your post. Let me respond where I can.

We agree with this, but we don’t have an easy solve for it. Disabling it if only 1 incap is up is wierd and I thought would cause confusion.

Do you mean all dropships? Like I may respawn on the other side of the map if my friends aren’t fighting near the drop point?

This is an experience thing, I had a huge conversation with the owner today, where he swears up and down that the assault is now the meta class. While, I not completely on that exact page, they are super important and have a bunch of very nuisances that go far beyond, “just damage”. Assault vs Monster are very apparent. Torvald vs Kraken anyone? How about Hyde vs Wraith?

Val/Parnell headshots. Bucket/Any assault. Their synergies aren’t as apparent as Cabot’s, but they are there.

Agreed. Working on this, gonna take time.

This is in the cards. We are rewriting our match making for more flexibility.

Makes a lot of sense. We’ll be working on the progression as a long term goal, but I’ve experienced what you are talking about.

Thanks again


Hi and welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

If you want to learn more about the forums you should read through this topic:

  • Torvald is good with Bucket. The turrets can hit the targets from his shrapnel grenade, which means lots of bonus damage.

  • Lennox and Hyde benefits greatly from Sunny as they both need to get really close with their primary and can have troubles reaching Krakens.

  • If your team picked Maggie, Emet and Bucket, you could pick Markov to maximize the amount of deployables the monster have to deal with.

  • Parnell and Bucket means two times super soldier!

There is probably more, but this is what my tired head could think of at the moment. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, that Miley thing is just a silly thing that a few forumites have been trying to push since she got released. It’s not going too well for them, but you gotta give them points for trying, lol.

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Yay, finally.

Well, it can’t really be removed, it has been discussed on this forum a ton, trust me. It is in general seen as a scumbag thing to do (I have more colorful language to describe it buut that’s not appropriate for anywhere lol). and as an assault player that has been in the situation where the monster is on a sliver of health and gets pounced, i have to admit I despise the tactic, as viable as it is.

I personally don’t agree with this as how it is right now it allows the hunters to be closer to their teammate to allow more immediate help. This would cause more issues and the monster would know how to use that to their advantage to either run from it or run to it to surprise them. I just think it could be abused :/

screams internally
composes myself
As an assault main, I do find that different assaults are better for different situations. Whenever there’s a Kraken I find myself wishing I picked Dankov because his range allows him to more effectively deal with Mr. CalamariFace. When it’s Wraith I find myself glad that I picked Hyde because he allows me to punish Wraith most effectively. When it’s bob… Lol, I’m just glad I didn’t pick Dankov xp

I believe it’s written in her ai that she won’t if there’s a Laz on there…? Not sure if I remember that or not.

Cabot and Bucket teams are high damage teams which require more skill and teamwork for it to work because of the low defense that it has. Although if you do have some skilled players… dear god Cabot teams are scary as hell man o_o

So insane he’s a little OP lol.

Bob is cuddly and lovable* xp

Well, it’s not necessary but it certainly helps. Which is why I find wraith easy enough to punish since I know her weaknesses, movements, and combo chains really well. Goliath is very straightforward and easy enough to understand. Bob is…Bob. Gorgon is annoying as sin but understandable on how to punish.

I agree however on this point.], it can be confusing.

Well, I find this hard to agree to since I do get DC’d a lot, three times today so far I got DC’d for no real reason :/
but if it’s repeated in a certain timeframe… maybe.

I agree. Without leveling up or completing a challenge I get between 30-50 keys. That’s annoyingly slow.

EDIT: also welcome to the forums.

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screams in terror at the video and flees


@GentlemanSquirl @Bot @Trollogrefey

I’m sorry, I wasn’t very clear. I’ll edit my post. I’m not saying Assault vs Monster doesn’t matter, I’m saying that the Hunter’s team composition isn’t reliant upon Assault; it doesn’t matter who the assault is, they all just do damage. Meanwhile, the medic/support/trapper all matter because they need to sync in order to be a good team composition.

In more playful terms, the Medic, Support, and Trapper are sitting at a table with fifteen books, seven notebooks and twelve calculators, crunching numbers on what the best composition they can make is, while the Assault is just sitting on the couch watching T.V. because he doesn’t care, he’s just going to be there. Of course it would matter who the assault is versus the monster, but you rarely know who you’re going against to counter pick them.

Side Note: I haven’t played competitive, but it should make the hunters choose (and lock in) two roles, then have the monster pick so he can choose against them, then make the hunters chose their last two. Effectively, this would allow the assault to counterpick the monster, and the monster to counterpick two of the hunters. If you see Val or Lazarus for instance, you probably won’t pick Gol, MetGol or Bob because you know they can be problematic. If you see the enemy picking Gol, MetGol or Bob, you’ll probably pick Lennox because lol.

Get my point?

EDIT:[quote=“GentlemanSquirl, post:26, topic:90379”]We agree with this, but we don’t have an easy solve for it. Disabling it if only 1 incap is up is wierd and I thought would cause confusion.[/quote]

I don’t remember where I read this, but it’s not my original thought: Disable the sneak attack/pounce when the monster has taken damage from a hunter in the past 5 seconds. This includes downed hunters and all deployables.


Uh… Uhhhh…

can’t retort

Well that’s pretty true damn. However If you’re running a cabot team, you don’t want markov as the assault, that’s a waste of Cabot’s time to stand not he amp for too long, you want a burstier assault to work with, say, torvald or lennox or even Hyde with his toxic nades and flamethrower does serious damage in a short time period. Same thing with a high defense low damage team like hank caira and maggie for example but Dankov can work too because he can get that consistent damage on them with the added defensive bonus (as little as it may be) of his mines.

So while It doesn’t matter as much when it comes to team comps, it still matters enough that it definitely should be considered.

Now as a joke:

Also in regards to the competitive, I believe you had to announce your monster and the other team had to announce two other team members. Not too sure caue I was never too invested in competitive except to see what characters they were using.

This triggers me, HOW DARE YOU SAY I’M LAZY muches doritos D<


Go back to watching Days of Our Lives. Because I’m sure that show is still on in 25xx.


Couldn’t have said it better and you make a good point.

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did not have to google that…totally didn’t

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goes back to watching dead memes (aka, crap)

(btw this is actually crap so lol xD)

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Have you considered just allowing pistol damage to (eventually) break the pounce? If so what was the reasoning against going that route?


I still don’t fully agree the rest of the composition won’t matter dependent upon the assault. Torvald, for instance, creates weak points that gel really well with some other characters, such as Bucket’s Sentry Guns. Torvald’s discus weak points on a monster + Bucket’s sentry guns = lots of damage. Parnell’s super soldier bursts may influence who is chosen for support, too - you may want to amplify the damage output during SS by choosing Cabot for damage amp, or Kala for Armor Reducer on monsters. I think the strategy is there, and the “they just shoot things” view of Assault is a reduction of the truth.


It’s actually supposed to already. Doesn’t look like it is working.


takes a few shots… but you can do it…


I agree with a lot Alexis said, very well written post. I would like to expand, as the game feels extremely repetitive.

It may seem like I’m asking you to change major game mechanics, maybe I am, or maybe add a new custom mode.

I feel as if there isn’t enough progression every game. It’s always the same, no counteractions towards anything, you’re stuck with what you choose in the beginning. The buff system is awesome, but players don’t often search out to destroy and benefit themselves (as it will let the monster gain ahead in Evolve stages.) Add more objectives, like what occurs in stage 3. Add progression. Maybe instead of choosing your perks before a game starts, you can unlock perks as the game progresses to counter-act the monster. This will add a new game dynamic to Evolve, and allows more competitive play.
Also the trapper class doesn’t really follow its title, although important, it does not possess the ability to place traps. I mean how cool would it be to outsmart your monster counter-part, strategically attack instead of chasing the damn thing across the small map. Add more co-operative play, something that will increase game time (not shorten it, it seems like shortening it is a good idea because it’s too repetitive) make a game a commitment of time, effort, and team work, and reward them with awesome graphics, entertaining gameplay, and the feeling of success other than blaming their team mates for screwing up, or not being good enough.

Edit: I wan’t to record my voice to show how much energy and excitement I have for a game of this potential.


Also I think I know what’ss wrong with the match making system code and partys. I believe there is a period when a match is being found, and the party is temporarily disbanded, then the party re-joins into a match. That point, if a match is found with a fully lobby, the party member will be kicked.