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I don’t really have suggestions for you guys on how to fix any of this, unless noted otherwise, but I’ve been playing the game a lot and figured that I should let the devs know the pluses and minuses of my experience so far.

Number One:
Monster and Hunter are very balanced right now. Sometimes it feels very strongly like one team has an advantage, but the majority of games I’ve played have been pretty close. I’ve had a few games where I’ve downed the rest of the team, and the assault manages to kill me in a pinch. I congratulate the entire team in these games, as they deserved the kill.

However, having said that, there are a few issues: The monster being able to pounce the final player on the team prevents any kind of outplay; this should be disabled imo, but do keep monsters being able to pounce hunters when there’s more than one hunter up, as it’s still fair. Additionally, the dropship should be in a fixed location. EMET can place his beacon to respawn hunters at a set location; Keep it! This mechanic rewards good hunters and punishes bad monsters. The dropship being close to the living hunter’s locations, however, means that if I’m still fighting when the dropship comes back in, then I’m screwed. This punishes monsters and rewards hunters, but not in the same way as EMET. It doesn’t feel… right, I guess. The dropship should always drop at the exact same location, so that if I chose to fight near that, that’s my bad and I deserve it, but if we’re on the opposite side of the map, I can still get another strike or two off before the hunters converge on me.

Number Two:
When playing hunter, I feel that Assault is nothing more than damage. It doesn’t matter who my assault is in regards solely to my team composition, but it DOES matter who my medic, support and trapper are. The game can be lost at the start if we chose a bad team comp with those three, ie Lazarus, Maggie (because Daisy will revive asap causing hunter to receive a strike), and Cabot, because his only method of shielding is his 4. Meanwhile, no team comp really complements an assault except for Cabot’s damage amplification on, say, Lennox or a Super-Soldier’d Parnell.

In short, the Medic, Support, and Trapper are sitting at a table with fifteen books, seven notebooks and twelve calculators, crunching numbers on what the best composition they can make is, while the Assault is just sitting on the couch watching T.V. because he doesn’t care, he’s just going to be there. Of course it would matter who he assault is versus the monster, but you rarely know who you’re going against to counter pick them.

Number Three:
When playing as Monster, I feel there are a lot of pluses and minuses to each monster. Goliath is a brute, Wraith is an agile assassin, Kraken is a ranged poker, Elder Kraken is an INSANE burster, Meteor Goliath is an AoE brute, Behemoth is a tank, and Gorgon is spiderman. That said, each one has minuses that allow fair gameplay, so that’s cool. My issue with monster is that they’re not explained enough to the hunters. My first time going against Wraith, Kraken, Elder Kraken, Behemoth and Gorgon, I was like “uhhhh what can they do”. I know you guys are working on putting ability descriptions into the game, but I’m kinda just getting this off my chest because it’s super annoying to have to PLAY a monster just to understand how to beat them.

Speaking of “understanding how to beat them”, when I first went against Lennox I didn’t understand how I was dying so fast. Now I do, of course, because it was explained to me, but again, ability descriptions need to be implemented asap, or you’re running the risk of losing your player base.

Speaking of losing your playerbase, punish people who abandon games. If they reconnect, don’t punish them. I’ve had so many games where people leave during hero selection just because they either a) didn’t like the team comp, b) didn’t get their role, or c) didn’t like who they were up against. This cannot be allowed to happen on a regular basis. Please implement some sort of punishment for leaving games, whether it’s a temporary ban or just a low-priority queue, only placing them with others who leave games, so they can just get frustrated and see what it feels like.

Number Four (six?)
Silver Keys have two modes: either I’m receiving so many I don’t know what to do with them, or I’m agonizingly receiving them key by key. Please fix this, and even it out. With most heroes costing around 6k keys, you should give around 300 a game IMO. 20 games to unlock a new hero seems fair.

That’s all for now. I’ll reply to this later if I think of more, but thanks for reading.

:heart: Alexis


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These seem like reasonable suggestions.


I think with time, once you start facing stronger and stronger Assaults, you’ll eventually get to the point when Assault becomes important to remember.

Certain Assaults put certain limitations on you. For example, with Markov, you can just power down a Hunter, focus them down to kill them because he does low, consistent damage over a long period.

However, if it’s Lennox, for example, then you need to more slowly, gradually whittle down the Hunters while evading Lennox. If you try to fight a Lennox team like you’d fight a Markov team- brute force focusing someone down- you will end up, maybe with a strike, but also wondering where half your health went in the last fifteen seconds.

It’s not evident at lower levels and with inexperienced players, and since most players are new right now yeah, it’ll feel like that.

But trust me, once everyone playing gets better it’ll be a different story.


I understand how to play against everyone now, but I still feel like the assault is the least important member of the team, composition-wise. S/he’s just there. It doesn’t matter who the assault is, it matters if your medic, support and trapper sync up and are a good team. The assault is nothing but damage. Doesn’t matter who it is.


Like I said:

I honestly didn’t care who Assault was for a fair while when I started playing. Eventually though it became essential to change how you fight depending on who the Assault is.

Right now, I’m more concerned about worrying who Assault is in fights than I am who Trapper is. In fights.


A few general things:

  • Always dropping hunters in the same location could ultimately lead to some toxic Hunter play. It could mean Hunters will restrict how far they go away from that drop point. It also means map size becomes a huge potential issue for balance. I’m not sure I agree at all with this idea, because I think Hunters should be free to move about the map and fight where they can. Dropping the hunters in the same spot is an ENORMOUS advantage to monsters, and I don’t think I agree with your rationale for wanting it in the first place. (The monster downs players and the players come back after a time - the actual timer is the device that’s in the monster’s favor, the dropship location shouldn’t be as well… if you’re worried about hunters coming back into the fight, what you’re really talking about is a problem with the TIMER.)
  • Assaults are primary damage dealers, and it’s true that it might be the “simplest” to get the basics of, but I don’t argue it’s the easiest.
  • You said Daisy picks up incapped players even when Laz is in the team - are you SURE that that’s true? Because that didn’t used to be true. Daisy used to not pick up players when Laz was alive, unless Laz was incapped himself. I’d be curious if you’ve actually seen this.
  • Agreed about knowing what monsters’ abilities are, but that’s being worked on I believe, as you stated.
  • Thanks for providing feedback. I know the developers want to hear what the community thinks, since it helps to direct the changes they’ll make and make the game as successful as it can be.


Again… I’m not speaking as Monster. obviously the entire comp matters when playing monster. When playing hunter, though, you don’t need to plan the team around the assault.


I didn’t say Assaults are the easiest to learn/play? And I have seen Daisy pick up a hunter when Laz wasn’t incapped. I was Laz in that situation.


Ah, sorry, I must have missed that you were talking about a Hunter POV. My apologies.

Still, as Hunter I do change the way I act depending on Assault a bit, but yes, I see what you mean. Assault sort of has to adapt to you more than you to they do, with the exceptions of running into mines and mortars and staying in line of sight of Parnell or Blitz Markov and so on.[quote=“fluffybunnywhiskers, post:15, topic:90379”]
You said Daisy picks up incapped players even when Laz is in the team - are you SURE that that’s true? Because that didn’t used to be true. Daisy used to not pick up players when Laz was alive, unless Laz was incapped himself. I’d be curious if you’ve actually seen this.

They fixed it a long long time ago but it’s back now. She WILL revive even when Laz is up. It’s frustrating as hell.


How you play, sure. But not WHO you play, which is what I’m referring to.


Sorry yeah, I didn’t mean to imply you said Assault was the easiest. I was going to make another point about that that would have cleared it up, but got distracted with something else before going back to the post. I don’t know that I feel super strongly enough to debate it - I think your argument that Assault makes less of an impact compared to other classes has some merit, but there are exceptions. Certain Assault classes go really well with other classes, such as Parnell and Cabot, for instance.

The Daisy-Laz problem is disappointing, then. It didn’t used to be that way, but apparently the problem is back now. That’s news to me.