Alex_Versnel Joins the Moderation Team!


@Alex_Versnel has joined @Brandini, @SlinkyGuy, & @Plaff as one of our newest Moderators! Many of you know of Alex’s awesome Guide to Evolve (and if you don’t – check it out!). He’s been a massive help in educating new forum members (and experienced ones) on the details of Evolve. He’s not done yet!

Give him a warm congrats for us, he’s earned it with his knowledge and positive attitude.

We use several methods in determining who to choose, but most importantly, Moderators are fine examples of outstanding forum members.

How do I become a moderator? Being a moderator is a big honor and an even bigger responsibility. Anyone who treats others with respect and regularly contributes is in the running. As you know, us devs keep a close eye on the forums and who is on here!

Treat your Mods with respect and they will return the favor.


Just saw him with the moderator tag in another thread, congratulations @Alex_Versnel!


Lol I already thought he was one


Congrats @Alex_Versnel!!!


Hehe, yeey! Thank you all for giving me this honorable task. I’ll be serving as an expert on all thing Evolve on-top of my standard moderator tasks. If you have any questions about the game, no matter how small, don’t hesitate to ask them to me!


Well done @Alex_Versnel! You deserve it, buddy :blush:


Congratulations @Alex_Versnel!!!
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Good job man! This is a big step in the evolve world you know. We should celebrate.


@Alex_Versnel Congratz bro :smiley:


Way ahead of you! :beers:

Welcome to the team, my good man! :slight_smile:


Congrats man, i’m kinda new on the forum but i’ve read your guide its awesome! @Alex_Versnel


Congratulations on making it on to the moderator team! Your guide on the forums is wonderful and I hope you enjoy being a moderator :smiley: @Alex_Versnel


Welcome to Alex.
Fourth modder of the forum.
Much mod, such edit.


Welcome to the team Alex, glad to have you on board.


Congratz dude, it´s well deserved!




Congratulations Alex! Dig the guru title as well. hahahahaha! You earned it.


Good jod my friend. Know its my time to shine


Just adding my congrats!