Albert Penello on Project Scorpio and the future of Xbox


Copy and pasted from another website:

A few snippets of information regarding Scorpio, whats to come, and some other things. There might be some stuff you already know and some stuff you don’t so:

Microsoft’s own goal of Scorpio’s ‘uncompromised 4k’ means allowing for the same framerate, enemies on screen, assets etc. of an XB1 game to be taken into native 4K by developers (dont stop reading here)

HOWEVER there is absolutely no mandate on how developers can use this power, they can upgrade framerates, resolutions, assets however they like. Native 4K isn’t an absolute necessity, its an optional guideline.

This means theyre striving so that if a game was originally performing at 60fps it can run at 4K 60fps if the devs choose that, Uncompromised 4K means Scorpio is 4K 60fps capable

Microsoft persistently working with devs to make sure Scorpio development is easy

No worries about Xbox One S being announced and launched at this point because the product was “Rad”

MS wants consumers to have a choice between base model Xbox or go premium with Scorpio, all Xbox games and accessories will work across this family though should a consumer want to upgrade.

Microsoft seeing the future of Xbox like a PC, game’s dont have to be abandoned at all, any of the hard stops will be removed

Each Xbox from now on will be a natural extension of the last one without disrupting progress made in the gaming industry, a big “family” from now on

Play Anywhere is an effort to create an ecosystem of both Xbox and PC gamers, to allow gamers to use all the devices they own, to stay in touch across them.

Play Anywhere allows for bigger userbase and added revenue will go towards creating and supporting new IP’s at

Microsoft, however theres still “plenty of work to do”

Xbox team feeling very optimistic

Strict ethic that Scorpio couldn’t be a half-step, has to hit the right milestone at the right time and be the most technically accomplished console possible

No concern at Microsoft that gamers will suddenly jump to PC, people will play where they want to play. In most cases people use party chat just to talk to friends, this has been brought into connect XB1 and W10 players.

No plans to phase out Xbox One, such a topic is for the “very very far away future”

No faceplates for Scorpio :(((((, its over (more of an inside joke with the hosts)

Albert got his big breakthrough in the industry by ramming into the car of a Sega employee (turns out it was an old college roommate)