Alas, I can't play this week, so could i see your clips?


Yeah, I’m in trouble for failing my math class :’( but could you guys post your vids of the new monster / hunters here please? Many thanks


Probably best to just focus on your studies. :sunny:



If I could get into a match, where I can actually play. The past 15 games have been me as monster, even though it’s my 5th priority. Everyone is joining 4 player groups, and forcing everyone else to play monster. I can’t play the game either right now.

16 games now.


Well, its obvious that no one would like to do this so @MidnightRoses I summon thee oh leader of power abusal close this thread


Okay, well you might not like the gameplay of it; I was bored and fucking around in this one. ^.-

One of my Sunny games. Plus I was confused about what the Assault was doing, but didn’t want him split off. So I decided to follow him…


Not @MidnightRoses, but consider it closed.