Alan Rickman is dead at 69


Also due to cancer.



Well crap. One after another. RIP Alan Rickman.


This is not a good week.

For anyone in the UK,


wtf why is everyone famous dying from cancer
lemmy, david bowie alan rickman heck even mr rogers


Well it is that time of year…


This is such sad news. He was a great actor and will always be remembered.

RIP Alan Rickman.


Why. :c


I cant find the article now. But I was reading it just the other day.

It was talking about the phenomenon of people dying this time of year. There are over 5000 more deaths in January then there are during the summer months every single year, world wide consistently every single year on record.

No one knows why. Its from all causes of death as well.



He was my favorite actor!

And then I search for table flip gif and of course the first thing that show up is Alan Rickman!

Fuck cancer! I’ll fucking blast it to bits! :sob::sob::sob::sob:

Also I’m sitting here listening to David Bowie. This is just too much sadness. T_T


Whenever I feel sad I like to remember one of my favorite happy quotes:

“Everyday starts and ends in sunlight.”

So remember tomorrow is always a new day.


Credit to Sketchy Stories


Oh noooo not him to.
My favorite movie he was in was Sweeny Todd, such a beautiful movie. And I loved his part as a villain, he fit his roles so well




He had so many great performances, but for me I think the one that’ll end up popping up for me more than most is Galaxy Quest. And I don’t know that anyone else would really give Marvin from Hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy the same persona as he did!


The Voice of God in Dogma was one of my favorites.


2016 is cancelled, everyone go home.


This…This is a joke, right? A hoax. Come on, just tell us…Come on! It isn’t true, it isn’t true!!!


Wait, what!? Nooooooo :cry: He was such a phenomenal actor! He had such a great balance of both silly and serious characters, and he played them so amazingly well. I particularly loved his roles as Snape and Dr. Lazarus. By Grabthar’s Hammer, you shall be avenged!

Rest in Peace Alan Rickman. You will be missed.


Yet more sad news today… :sob: