AI's not moving in game


Not sure if this has been reported or not but will report it anyways. The AI’s in my skirmish game online (Xbox) were no longer able to move after a little ways through the match. I was able to switch to the AI’s and then move them but as soon as I switched back, they would stop moving again. Daisy also did not move. People did join the game later but that lead to us having two hanks, no maggie, but still having a not moving daisy. Never really got the chance to fully see if they still shot at things, though it seemed like they didn’t. @MajorLeeHyper


Rule #83 in Evolve:

If the match is bugged the only way is to vote ‘restart round’ the rest of the match will stay bugged.

Ever got stuck in the dropship? Or did you “fall” still right after you dropped? If you do manage to hit the ground, you can now fly through the air. Things like this are funny, but you should really just restart it :stuck_out_tongue: