Airsoft and Stuff


I’m looking into trying out Airsoft. Not necessarily as a sport, but just for fun. So I was wondering, anybody here dabble in it? What are your experiences? Did you/do you enjoy it? What’s your kit like? I.e. Weapon of choice, secondary, helmet, pads. What’s your price tag/how much did it cost you?


I wanna try, but there are non near me.



You could always grab a few friends and do it at home. Or just find an empty field.


My backyard is smaller than Napoleon’s temper though, and there are no good fields to do it.

Plus, all my friends would purposely aim for the head because all my friends are assholes.

on another note though, i’m more into reenactments, most specifically the world wars.


First experience was painful, I got shot in the back without a shirt. Long story

Then my Second experience was exciting, I had a pistol one that was far too hard to pull back. Then there was two machine guns. So yea, as the youngest I had the worst gun but it was still fun


My experience? Airsoft is for pussies Paintball is for men. Real talk, my brother’s were way into airsoft when we were younger. Co2 cartridges were brand new back then so I’m not really sure what’s in store now. I had a pump pistol and my middle bro had a mp5 airsoft that was automatic, then my oldest had a co2 AR lol


What torvald said , paintball is were its at, I had so much fun playing that.


Well, I’m not a man so. :wink:

What’s the difference then? They seem the same in concept.


Paintball hurts much more, moves faster, and actually feels like a game. Airsoft bullets travel much slower and hit lighter sometimes you can’t even feel them. Then again paintball is 100$ for a decent box of paintballs at the field, and you can’t keep paintballs from one field and move to another, there are rules/laws. Airsoft is basically dumbed down paintball imo.


As someone who has played little of each, I much preferred Paintball.

Everyone had the same weapons, it was a lot more fast paced and enjoyable.

In Airsoft, us newbz has the crappy standard weapons, while everyone else had brought their own sniper rifles, and amazing weapons, and it felt like we weren’t making any difference to the game.

Paintball is more painful, whereas in airsoft you barely feel non-flesh hits.


When we feel like shooting each other with go with air soft…but like the cheap $20 and less guns that typically break after a few uses. I had a friend that was very into it though and he spent literal hundreds of dollars investing in extreme weapons. It gets pretty serious…as I imagine most things can be. I haven’t tried paintball though…seems there would be a mess factor and yes, I hear you get a lot of bruising.


I’m looking to spend a few hundred. When I lived up in Michigan me and my friends used to do Airsoft all the time. My friend Brian had a giant field by his house that we went to. I never won any fights. He used a full auto SMG, and I had a pistol. Wasn’t fair.


I’ve never played it as a sport, but I have with my friends, and after two years my M4A1 has aged well