Air Jordan Goliath, and Leap Smash

Bug is back, tried to use leap smash on a body, but I think I bumped into an invisible hunter on lift off and I managed to launch myself enormously high into the air and slowly float to the ground WAY far away, at least another traversal of distance than intended. Needless to say, those 7-ish seconds that I spent doing all sorts of air tricks before dunking the ball and finally touching down onto the ground again gave the hunters enough time to Lazerrect the assault since physics didn’t like me baiting him out of hiding.

I’ve noticed, actually, an extremely significant amount of Leap smash buggy behaviors. It’s not… working… properly… Sometimes I won’t do damage to hunters / wildlife when I land immediately next to them, but they’re at a slightly different elevation. Sometimes when jumping over very small rocks, I’ll catch on them, stand in place for a few seconds before I can move again, and then the leap smash explosion will appear in the distance where intended.

And of course there’s still the age-old bug that leap smash doesn’t let you grab onto a wall afterwards.

That was fixed, no?

I wouldn’t post it if I didn’t just experience it.

Also, my first three words:

Granted, it happens with much less frequency, but there’s definitely something fishy going on with traversals and leap smash. Sometimes you go nowhere, sometimes you go everywhere.