Aim assist


It took me till today to figure out how the aim assist thing works and boy let me tell you this is as good as when they came up with sliced bread.


You misspelled AimBot


Your right!


I fought a Griffin that never missed a harpoon and I thought it was just because he was good but he even admitted that he just used a controller and spammed LT


I got fed up with a Kraken and began mashing buttons when suddenly I was doing it And started chewing through his armor with ease.


It’s one of those things that exists and it really shouldn’t. I know most FPS shooters have them, but when this game heavily relies on skill and aim to determine the winner, there shouldn’t be allow. Though most people might not know its on, since it is in the options menu and auto-on when you first install the game.


I know some games have a “snap” I tbe centre kinda think when aiming down sights but when you do this on console and mash it you get 100% accuracy even on the head it’ needs to go :angry:


I turned off my aim assist and I’m still a good Griffin #Skills but back to the original topic yeah it’s super easy to spam with a controller and I’ve seen a lot of streamers using and promoting it. Kinda bothers me.


I tried it once (In solo mind you >_>) and its ridiculous, not only is it super cheeze, it also gives me a wild headache >~<



Yea tap left trigger over and over and you can be an esl team. No seriously I am a monster main in esl and every and I mean EVERY good team uses it. Who needs skill when the game will get the headshot damage for you. And btw for the morons who don’t thinks it’s abusive join esl as a monster and play evolve hype or pc evolve hype. You will not believe how much damage they can do to you in the 60 second dome


I was critical of the notions of the aimbot-ness of the aim assist until I tried it, and its crazy just how ridiculously bad it is. Now combine this with tapping fire with characters like Maggie to take advantage of recoil mechanics and you now have a locked-on laser beam.