Aim assist spam needs to be fixed


When playing on xbox and using aim assist feature if you keeps spamming the left trigger over and over again you will get constant and I mean constant headshot damage. I am an esl monster who plays too much lol. All the best teams use this exploit to destroy any monster. I doubt I will get an answer from 2k cause they won’t admit to the glitch. But anyone who wants to up there Hunter game spam the left trigger as you shoot and see the extra headshot damage do work for you


This works? I really, REALLY need to try this… Might help with the challenge.


Pretty sure did does not lock on to the head.


Even when the aim assist does move the reticle it only locks center mass, not to the head. Exaggeration is over exaggerated.


Dude you are doing it wrong then lol. I play competitive evolve and have won 2 tourneys and my team uses it. You need some practice using auto aim if you don’t think it does extra damage


How can it done wrong. You pull left trigger and if your reticle is on the monster then it snaps to center mass. If your fighting krakens and they are flying then you will probably be scoring lots of headshots since krakens head in flight mode is pretty close to center mass. Goliath and wraith heads are no where near to center mass so repeatedly pulling the trigger on them will do nothing.