Aim Assist on consoles is Behemoth's worst nightmare (video)


Aim assists snap to the body and typically this is ok for shooters since it’s not snapping towards headshots… but Behemoth’s “headshots” are in his body, so the aim assist is making x2 damage even easier than it should be.

Also my game froze (this has happened a lot since patch) so I was just messing around when I found how severe the default aim assist was.


why is behemoth moonwalking


The game froze


Behemoth is a bit buggy currently and makes the game freeze like that sometimes.


I’ve noticed a lot of high level players abusing aim assist so bad on ps4 streams. It’s not nice to watch at all, All you see is someone zooming in and out really fast all the time and staying locked to the target at all times. I thought evolve was for high skilled gamers but i must have been mistaken.
Aim assist is ok when it’s not the snap to kind.


As for the game freezing and crashing I too have been experiencing this a lot since the update. The other day my game froze as I was loading up my first match…

In a lot of cases TRS needs to patch their patch.