Aim-Assist and it's effect on Telemetry and Balance


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what do you plan on doing now, since all, and i mean All of your telemetry data regarding characters balance, is completely void and useless. since it’s based on both console, AND pc, featuring god knows how many Aim-assist players on any one of the 3 platforms.

how exactly is anything balanced with this stuff around?. for once, id like an official answer to a question, wich is not something i usually ask for.

but this is rediculous, to the point where i and many others are thinking of flat out quitting Evolve, due to this even remotely being a thing.

For those naysayers who insist that Aim-assist isnt rediculous and abusable:

Telemetry and Game Balance
Telemetry and Game Balance
Telemetry and Game Balance
Telemetry and Game Balance

the game is based on decision making. not 100% aim. idk why your in such a fuss about it.

btw i turn aim assist off. becuase it causes me to miss most of my shots. only works wonders on griffin thats it. parnell loses dps when aim assists is on because you cannot hit headshots with it on. its useless and I dont like it. so i turn it off and aim like a pro.


Aiming like a pro. On a gamepad. snicker


I no…im a 1%er…



Well well well. Look who’s ranting and whining now. All telemetry data useless? What a tall claim!

Aim assist is a minor variable at best. Nothing to see here.


As a monster, are you relying on the hunters’ bad aim to win? If yes, then you’ll always lose to good hunters anyway. If no, why do you care if some scrubs are able to abuse the auto-aim to get in a few more hits than they would otherwise? It’s not changing the game, get over it.


[quote=“antikaratekid, post:5748, topic:588”]
Aim assist is a minor variable at best. Nothing to see here.
[/quote]Said the console player.

Gtfo. untill i see telemetry data that doesnt include players who has AIm-Assist turned on, it will be null and void.

and before you say theres nothing to see, how about you actually check out how rediculously automatic that magnetic Aim (bot) assist is huh?.


so console monsters are winning most games anyway,

are you saying that us monsters are actually BETTER than PC? must be true in that sense.


[quote=“ragnarok628, post:5749, topic:588”]
As a monster,
[/quote]Im a hunter main, it’s very rare and far inbetween that i play monster.
this is not aim assist. and it doesnt ‘‘soft lock’’… its magnetic in a way that if i stand still, and spam the aim button it will target the monster, automatically. theres nothing soft about that. its an aimbot.

and this is enraging me, because PC players get the small stick, and then Xbone players who abuses a fucking aimbot. gets a 100k tournament? gtfo…


wich i dont dubt, but it does not, in any way, ever, Ever - Justify a direct aimbot. labelled as Aim ‘‘Assist’’…


I have seen ppl do it. griffin, maggie, hank, abe. well the list goes on i guess. you just spam right trigger and it follows. its clunky and uncomfortable to play with.

maybe ranked mode with have it turned off? that would be cool…


The guy is blowing it absurdly out of proportion, I’ve noticed aim assist only a very few handful of times and I’ve been playing FPS games on both PC and console for over a decade.


I didn’t say soft lock so i don’t know what your quotes are meant to convey, or why you’re replying to me at all about that. I know exactly what it is, it’s not quite aim bot but it’s very abusable yes. But PC players are not disadvantaged over this for two reasons: in the first place, you can just plug in a controller and get the same effect if you want, and in the second, all it does is boost your aiming ability to match a barely competent PC player since it’s so much easier to aim with a mouse anyway.


why dont you just show us how un-dramatic it is then? go record a few solo games where you use it. then we can compare it to the videos that are now on Insane’s (the monster) stream, wich highlights jsut how stupidly retarded this shit actually is.

untill you can do that, don’t try to make this seem less stupid than it is.


If “aim assist” pisses you off so much just turn it off like I do. I find it annoying personally when I’m trying to aim at the monster but some wildlife crosses my path and the gun swivels to follow that instead; so I haven’t used it in ages. But that’s about the only thing it does, like @antikaratekid said, they’re completely exaggerating it.

@Araji you have some anger problems man, just chill :sunglasses:


the thing is, that it only soft locks on PC. theres nothing soft about what Aim-assist does on console. or on PC if you use the controller.

if you hook a controlelr up, and turn it on but use the mouse and KB, you get soft locking. where it jsut barely locks alittle.

but if you use a controller, you look due south, and hit the aim button, and it will lock onto the monster if its anywhere inside your currently loaded frame. and by spamming it, you keep it locked on indefinately. theres nothing soft about that. and the reason why im SO salty, is 50/50.

  • 50% because it’s disgusting that this is even mildly turned on on PC.
  • 50% because console players on the Xbone, are getting a 100k tournament, when they are allowed to use a damn aimbot.

that shit, makes a PC player salty as crackers…


its not that it annoys me. i dont use it.
it’s that its even available… this is a shooter game for hunter side, there should be no such thing as a damn aim-bot… on any of the 3 platforms…


Sorry to be jumping in.But if you can actually plug a controller in your PC,set it aside and play with this aim-assist(aimbot is better term) while using mouse+keyboard…This is nuts.Especially if people are using it at ESL.


no need to apologize. i find it funny how all the console players suddenly came out of hiding to defend this harmless feature.

by all means, another ESL person to aknowledge that this is rediculous is nothing to apologize for.


I play on Xbox one and the aim assist is no where near to what you are describing. Yes there are a few instances where the aim assist will cause some odd fast snapping of the aiming reticle but they happen to me maybe like once per gaming session. There is no way you could abuse rapidly pulling the aiming trigger to stay perfectly on target. It doesn’t work because I have tried it and the only result was some bad eye strain and a headache lol.