AI walk through barrier in Rescue mode on Barracks

I was playing Rescue on Barracks and one of the AI survivors was pushed by Kracken’s Vortex to the other side of the barrier EDIT: By barrier I mean the big blue ones that you get as a map effect. The monster then followed the survivor back there and the rest of the Hunters chased. All off them running to the other side of the barrier like nothing was there. I was stuck on the “playable map area” side just watching.

This was a Solo mode game by the way. Hunters were Slim(myself), Bucket, Griffin, Markov. Monster was Kracken.

I have a picture to prove this but “Sorry, new users can not upload images.” :confused:

I’ve seen this happen a few times myself.

Thanks for response. Glad it’s not just me.

Irrelevant to topic but Slims healing drones revive downed Survivors to Full health. No missing bars of HP. This doesn’t happen when you pick them up initially. They must go down once more after they have been revived. So they SHOULD have 2 bars of health missing. But they have none, or full health with no markers…

I don’t play with it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I play nothing but hunt, even in customs. ^.^

Yep. All the AI can do it, including Hunters. They generally avoid that area of the map, but they CAN pass right through the force field like it’s not there. This is the only picture I captured of it happening.