AI Val won't shoot active Chomp Plants, will stand by them with medgun out


As it says in the title, she won’t free a teammate - or at least didn’t in a case I saw - while standing a foot from them looking at them.

Current list of PC bugs (2/21/2015)

Val just hates life and is a vegan.


You mean the AI? yeah, the AI sometimes doesn’t revive you…


Had that issue with AI Caira earlier, just stood there and did nothing while someone was getting eaten by a plant, this games AI I swear…lol.


Its because she was laughing at their stupidity.


You can hotswap to any AI by using the keys listed near the class skill bar in the lower left corner. I believe the basic keys are 5 to 8. While this doesn’t solve the AI problem, it does mean you can immediately save yourself if they’re nearby.


^This. With AI on my team, I just act as if I’m alone while hunting, lol. If you are caught by some freak accident, hotswap over and free yourself, then return.

Also, Val is a sadist.


The Hunter AI for bots is pretty bad sometimes. Sometimes when you’re KO’d they’ll stand 10 feet from you shooting at the monster, and they’ll occasionally take absurd amounts of time to get to you when you’re being attacked by wildlife. I’ve lost several AI matches because I started to fight the monster only to find my Medic (it’s only ever the Medic) is stuck against a rock 100m away for some reason just not climbing it. They aren’t so good at using the jetpack or navigating maps, and they don’t do much but follow your general direction - even the Trapper will just stand around and won’t get too far from you.


This one time I tried playing with the AI in custom and I was playing as Val, I was expecting us to get moving and track the monster immediately but all they did was stand and stare at me… It didn’t help that it was on the weather control map which was dark as hell. I felt like I was in a horror movie.

But yeah Val is an evil AI