AI Sporadic Difficulty


I’ve had some games where the Wraith has literally screwed my entire team over at level 1 (constant decoys, dodging barrages before they even show up).
And no, we aren’t standing in the supernova. The AI can just dodge all your attacks way too easy.
Then I’ve had other games where somehow the AI has lost several bars of HP before even coming to fight us. I just don’t understand it.

For the dodging barrages example - the most obvious time this happens is in Defend. The Mini-Goliaths hit the Generator, I call it it, they move before the first bombs even come in.

Edit: Also constantly staying on you while invisible.
Edit: Just had the worst one so far. Wraith fighting my teammate on the ground, abducts me from 2 stories from a 45 degree angle.
Edit: I’ve also had Mini-Goliaths flat out 180 when they’re about to step into a barrage circle, even before it comes in.


I’ve had similar issues. Playing on solo, I was playing as the medic, and the Goliath was bearing down on me. He picks up rock, and looks in the other direction. I assumed he wasn’t going to throw at me, so I didn’t prepare myself to dodge. Of course, it went right at me. The AI can be kinda sketchy.


My biggest problem with the AI is that when I play a hunter the monster will full on charge me until I am dead regardless of what else is going on around him. He will keep at my healer until I am dead or he is dead. I just fought a Kraken while playing Caira and the monster finally ran away after he was down to 1 bar of health, that whole time he was doing a full-court press on my medic.

Now I understand medics getting agro but C’mon, that is just fricken ridiculous.


Played a solo hunt game for fun, and we managed to catch the monster while he was at stage 1. He just… stood there in the dome and let us shoot at him endlessly. As soon as the dome went down he sprung to life and tried to run (of course by that time he had like 1 bar of HP).



I had that happen with a Wraith as well. We didn’t even have a dome. It just started standing there and I just put all my Bucket sentries down and owned it.


I’ve had some troubles against Goliath but the other few games against Kraken and Wraith I seem to win them mostly. Hunt mode that is, but I had a consistent experience so far. Maybe somewhat predictable in how they move though, but haven’t played enough against bots to be sure about that.


The bots for me have either been absolute morons or gods, there’s no in between.
We’ve either been attacked by a Stage 1 instantly and domed it, or attacked by a Stage 3 that shoots its abilities every which way and we can’t even get its shield down in a dome.
Also like I said above I’ve had several AI monsters get demolished by level hazards (1 had only 2 bars of hp left before we even fought it, 1 had 2 bars of hp left when it ran and got killed by animals.)