AI Slim doesn't heal


As the title states, I was in a solo match with bots where Slim was the medic (controlled by the AI), and I watched him not use his healing burst once over the span of many minutes. He would not even use it to prevent his own incaps, let alone to heal the other hunters. Has anyone else noticed this? I’m going to test in a few more matches, but its obviously something that concerned me.


Medics in general have been having issues with healing burst if they are piloted by AI.


Well this is clearly a problem that needs to be fixed, especially now that we have a medic who is built around the use of healing burst.

Is this something that can be fixed in the next patch?


Dunno, I’m not on the Dev team. They are aware of the issue, but no idea what their plans are to fix it :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok as long as they are aware that is enough for me. I never even noticed a problem until Slim was released, since that is such a large part of his game.


Should be relatively easy to program. AI are omniscient so if you tell them to pop Healing Burst whenever someone is in his Healing Burst range and has lost HP… should work fine. They might become a little bit TOO good, might have to randomize the reaction speed a little.