AI slim completely broken. Confusing healing bug for leech gun


Video being uploaded. He was aiming at the monster and wildlife spamming the healing bug over and over as if he was trying to fire the leech gun. Even in battle he was fighting the monster by trying to spam healing bug at it


See game that starts at 12:22. Had another game where the Slim AI was borked again. @MrStrategio


Yah slim ai is really silly. Surprisingly it’s still the best, somehow, at actually healing. I think that says more about caira ai then it does slim though lol.


The bots always screw me. Hank won’t use his orbital, and I swear he never shields me til I’m getting wailed on hard.

The bots that irk me most are trappers because they never drop the dome, unless the monsters right in front of them. Which I suppose is better than missing a dome. But when the trapper is following you and the rest of the group, they’re never close to the monster.


Hello! :smile:

What platform are you using? PC?

I’ll go ahead and log this for further research.

Thank you for your help.


Ps4! Thanks for the reply.


This has happened to me as well on Xbox. Slim would just keep throwing out the healing bug.


The only time I’ve experienced this on PC was when I got stuck in the air on the Foundry map, (We all know that bug, right?)
Trying to go idle would put Slim in a never ending loop of bug spamming.


Good to know, thank you!


Yes, the Foundry bug is being discussed & logged. :slight_smile: I am also logging the Slim bug & it appears to be on all platforms. Thank you for the help!


No problem, happy to do so. :3