AI ruins gameplay


I am not one to complain about things but it is ridiculous how whether you are a hunter or monster the AI knows your exact position. Error is what makes the combat so thrilling and real, but when A monster knows your exact position regardless of you being cloaked, or val bot noticing you chilling in a bush so big you can lose your sandwich in it, It begins to feel like a game of homing missile and mouse than anything else.

Now I know that this is rather dumb to argue but I’m pretty sure other people are annoyed by this, or maybe not. either way this should be addressed because “hank bot op plox nerf”


Yea, Hank Bots are OP as fucking hell.

gonna punch this guy shield and that guy shield. his shields are so on point he can block every physical attack with that damn shield. and then theres those orbitals… omg annoying as hunters (hanked) and accurate as hell when monster.


maybe if you are playing against AI only. But once you put AI with actual people they become completely useless in my experiences with bots. They lag behind and will fall into any every wildlife trap. I took to waiting near every megamouth because when the AI get up to it the always walk strait into it so it was easier for me to wait there (and lose the monster) and shoot it when they get trapped. I have had assaults just sit bellow the ledge that the monster is on and do nothing. The assault AI never seems to go after after the monster in the arena unless an actually player is right on it as well. I have had time where I have been sitting back shooting the monster and the assault just sits near me doing nothing. I have never seen an AI trapped get an arena on a monster. Support AI never pops the cloak for teammates and the AI go for the most obvious revives that end up getting them killed.

So yes I think AI ruins gameplay. But I think it is because they are completely useless