AI Patterns


I’ve noticed some new AI patterns (and some of the old one’s) that seem to have improved, but may need some tweeking.
Playing solo as the monster, I’ve noticed that if I start wiping out a team, the support AI actually turns and runs to keep the team alive. While this is great, and simulates what a human support player would do, this pattern also carries over into Arena, where it isn’t quite as useful.
Also in solo (while this isn’t exactly a new change) the monster now has a hit and run tactic, rather than flee til 3. This makes hunt way more interesting, but only if it lives up to stage 2. 9 times out of 10, when the monster charges at me at stage 1, it gets annihilated. Personally, to make the match more realistic, the monster should flee until stage 2, then attack at full armor, like most human players would.
Finally, Wasteland maggie is fantastic. With daisy becoming practically a 5th hunter dealing damage, I notice a lot of matches going the hunter’s way with her. But I find it odd that Daisy still acts the same way as before and runs from the monster in combat. Kind of counters the idea of the combat trapjaw, right? Making her more aggressive could make her damage more effective.
Thoughts, additions, questions?


Also solo in Defend, if you just shoot and follow the Monster , even when it is on run, Monster will not attack you at all until it has got ~3 bars of health


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