Ai monsters can see laz when invisible


This seems to mainly happen in nest. It happens with every monster as well. The monster, even when laz is invisible, knows where laz is.


AI can “see” footprints better than we can. Same reason AI hunters spot monsters in bushes.


They can “see” a lot better than any player monster can which is kinda irritating.


Kind of off topic, but since they don’t “see” period, does Slim’s spore cloud launcher have any effect on them at all. Drop their responsiveness, accuracy, etc?


The only thing that changes for AI in a Sporecloud is that they lose their priority targeting and simply attack whoever is near or at random. They still know perfectly where everyone is and keep attacking.


A while back the devs explained that to mimic human players, AI monsters will continue to follow a cloaked hunter for a little bit before losing interest, to simulate a level of human prediction.


The ai doesn’t lose interest. Ai just follow you until you are down then just stays on the body until death.