AI monster hide forever (solo, pc)


Hello, one of my friend reported me a strange bug where in a game (a solo game, on PC) an AI Goliath would disappear and eventually never show itself !..

They never saw him again after a first dome miss, and finally won at 20minutes with no sign of him !

I don’t know if the monster actually really disappeared or if this AI Goliath chosed to hibernate but there it is.


I’m on xbox one and just played my first solo game. Playing a hunt, Goliath kept running away and couldn’t not get anywhere near it. Then it reached stage 3 so I waited by the objective and it never came. It camped the other side of the map


I had the same happen right from the start of a match.

It was on the dam, Goliath walked through the middle (on the edge, there were footprints) and at some point the footprints just stop.
No sounds, no more marks in the whole map, none of all the monsters I tagged got eaten (pretty sure I tagged every single one after 20 minutes). Monster didn’t evolve a single time either.

I suspect that the AI just fell through the map, it’s the only explanation other than him outright disappearing.


Oh, so it’s a real bug !..

I hope this abductor of Goliaths will be found !