AI Leveling Mastery in Evacuation?


Hopped on my PS4 after work today and have been playing the new hunters in Evacuation. I’m doing full-evacs with each hunter (i.e. 5 days as Slim, then 5 days as Torvald, etc.), and I noticed something which I’m now certain is a bug. I started my day with Slim, 1-starred all his abilities, then did Torvald and Sunny. Well when I was playing Torvald, halfway through my Evac a notice popped up on screen that I had 25% progress on Leech Gun. I didn’t think much else of it, but soon a 50% progress popped up, and when I did Sunny’s Evac I got the full 100% progress on Leech Gun Mastery. Went to pop into a random skirmish, picked Slim, and sure enough Leech Gun’s progress was 2-starred with 100% progress, but none of his other abilities had any progress past 1-star at all.

This is one of those weird cases where the bug works out in my favor, but it’s still a bug. I like playing Slim and I could’ve unlocked the Leech Gun easily enough without the AI’s help! Haha, anyways…has anyone else encountered something like this? Definitely strange.