Ai Lennox broken


Likewise the title says Lennox AI is missing a few steps in her coding I think. She will NOT use her Plasma Lance but instead use her auto cannon for close range, and thunder strike plus the shield. nothing more nor less, all the other Assaults use all their skills.

She is a POWERFUL Hunter when she is hitting a 4 hit combo, but does she need to lose the combo when she gets hit? I mean the monsters are super quick and she can miss VERY often.

Look I know MP is the MAIN function of the game but some choose to play vs bots.

Edit: I can confirm that Lennox DOES in fact use her Plasma Lance, but this was when I was playing Monster, I cannot confirm if she does as a fellow hunter.


This is also REALLY helpful for people that leave a match or end up disconnecting. This was definitely a good mention. For those who play training and online.


yea, the AI was pretty bad from Legacy. Assaults will just use their shield right from the get-go


At least they use all of their weapons and skills xD. A little to dumbly I say but it is used. Also to add the Monster AI tends to focus one hunter down and not leave even if they break LOS, Mainly Laz. Not to mention Abe’s Ai is a BIT broken as well, Since Stage 2 launched I’ve noticed that the Ai will attack ANYTHING. So that ruins Abe’s tracking skill or Dart gun.