Ai in co-op speed


Sooooooooo. I would’ve thought that hot-fixing a game-breaking bug with the ai’s BEFORE the challenge that requires us to play 100,000 games vs ai’s would’ve been a good idea?

Just sayin…and seeing how with our current population everyone would have to play 20 matches of co-op to qualify for PP…


Not sure why you worded the title of your thread the way you did. The monster’s speed isn’t the issue. What I have observed is that the monster refuses to engage. If you can dome it, it will fight, but otherwise it just is on an endless running cycle. I think that the devs need to look at its behavior and make the monster willing to fight like it did pre-last patch.

And I get that you’re probably irked, but you could have phrased your thread in a much more constructive way. :no_mouth:


I was referring too:
1: the hunter speed glitch
2: the monster with seemingly endless traversals.(I mean come ON. Sometimes there aren’t even tracks!)
3: wildlife still being super fast.