AI Hunters VS AI Monster


The AI Golaith is a devil. He is the stuff of freakin nightmares! He almost always gets Stage 3 and he reacts quickly and is quite ferocious! I am not crying for a buff though. My team and I beat it 9 times outta 10. What I want is buffed AI hunters. The AI Hunters are so useless. I just played with BOT-Hank and he dropped barrages 20 meters behind a moving monster. Dropped a barrage between us and an escaping monster. Dropped a barrage on a near dead teammate so no one could get her up (Val). Shielded for intervals of 0.2 seconds at a time when it was not necessary. Never used his laser cutter. This is just my most recent experience with an AI. I have never had a BOT on my team that did its job well at all. Has anyone has similar experiences or even contrast experiences?