AI Hunters Cant Handle Teleport Portals


I played a solo game to experiment with the different map effects. Playing Goliath on one map with the wraith portal effect in play, I fought the hunters then warped off. When I returned to near the portal they were milling about the same place we’d fought. I watched them, they took a few shots at me, and I waited by the portal because I wanted to test out warping away from inside a dome. Strangely, despite having shot at me, all the hunters then rushed away from me out into the woods, as though they thought I was there instead. I was stage 2 at the time. When I got to stage 3 they returned to defend the power relay, but until then they did not try and hunt me further.

Fixing this for pure solo games is one thing; but if bots behave like this when filling in for players in Evacuation, it could cause more of a problem.