AI Hunters and especially Daisy not picking up downed teammates


Even without Laz on the team hunters and annoyingly enough Daisy doesn’t pick you up even when minster is no where in line of sight. They just leave you to bleed out.

It’s been happening a lot lately and some people have been having issues from what I’ve read on its reddit forum, is this a bug or did they just nerfed?


I’ve had bot val stand next to me while getting eat by a plant then she let me die. Couldn’t shoot me out or heal me deffinitly is a problem


We had a good long while where Daisy wouldn’t revive a soul no matter what was going on in the game.

Then all of a sudden, recently she just started working right. No idea the discrepancy though.


She feeds on the screams and suffocation of hunters… Once she’s had her fill she’ll start pitching in again for awhile… till she feels it’s just right to drop the ball and watch you suffer, knowing you think she’ll help… This is the true form of Daisy the Trapjaw!


The AI in this game is pretty bad sometimes, especially for the hunters. I have been playing with bots mostly until the progression loss issue is fixed, and they are just so frustratingly bad some times. The fact that they will chase a monster 100 meters away instead of picking up a fallen ally right next to them is ridiculous. Trappers are also really bad, and almost never throw the dome down unless the monster actively engages the hunters in a fight it seems.

I’ve also never seen AI Griffin EVER use his harpoon. Not once.


I had daisy walking back and forth in front of me a few times watching me bleed out. She must really enjoy it lol.


Sorry… this mus be posted whenever Daisy is mentioned


It’s all good, it was a… enjoyable enough song.




idk most of the times when i have daisy on my team shes the mvp in the end


That was amazing. I will always watch this video when Daisy mvp’s.


I had just the opposite happen the other day with daisy. He tried to revive a person even though I was sitting right next to the downed hunter. I then proceeded to wail on her with saddness in my soul. Poor, poor daisy :frowning: