AI Hunter can't shoot plants / megamouth


AI Hunter can’t shot plants / megamouth to protect hunters from being incapped


Works for me. What system are you on? It works fine on PS4. They usually shoot faster than any real player here.


Same as above. Are you sure the AI hunters have LOS on you?


I can see hunter lost 90% of his health inside megamouth / plant . The AI doesn’t do anything

I swap with the AI just to save the Threatened hunter


you still never said what console you are on or pc. No one can really help if they don’t have info.

Plus several of us have co firmed it working. Can you get a video to go with the much needed information?


Depends on the Hunter.

Cabot is an example of a Hunter bot that will very commonly do the wrong thing, like pointing the Damage Amp at the Monster even when no one’s shooting it or when like in this case, you’re stuck in a plant.


It’s on X1


Alrighty. Progress.


Is this happening on a specific level, or all the time?


I’m not sure if I should put under here,but it happens a lot that an AI hunter (who takes over from someone who leaves or disconnects) just follows the team/human hunter without paying attention to his surroundings. For example it just jumps down right before a megamouth I myself just previously flew over to evade it.

However, whenever I play with AI hunters in Solo mode, rarely they step into plants and do not attack elite wildlife unless I start to attack them myself.


Specific level

I hear AI val (Cabot also ) using her sniper shots (multiple shots) but the trapped hunter is not being rescued