AI Creatures in Evolve (Guide)


Press on the name of the wildlife you want to know about for detailed information about them.

Dangerous Wildlife

Weak Wildlife

Detector Wildlife

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What types of wildlife would you like to see?

We also have the spotters, who give you a neat buff. And we have the bird/bats who circle the corpses and show the hunters where the beast is. I should point out these birds are different to the ones mentioned above.


Could you probably find a better picture for the Tyrant?


Unless someone has a decent gameplay video, unlikely


Yeah, I think the photo was taken off of a screen displaying gameplay. Probably at PAX East


Birmigham, the gadget show actually


I’ve had a look around on the internet for something, but there aren’t really any high quality photos released by Turtle Rock that I know of, that’s the best I can find for now, but I’ll update it once I get a good photo


While I know we will be discussing the AI-driven wildlife more in the weeks/months to come, I just wanted to jump in here and let you know that the last image shown is a grouping of Mammoth Birds… :smile:


Thank you sir


Much like the Crowbill Sloth, Mammoth Birds aren’t naturally aggressive wildlife, but they can and will defend themselves if you get too close.


This is a very good write up and will definitely be very useful to me. Thank you very much for this and great job.


You’re welcome, I’ll keep this updated regularly


As we’ve seen in previews, these guys are run first, fight when cornered. I take it cassowaries were an inspiration?


Yeah, well, flightless birds in general, but yes…and squids, because squids are just wrong…terrifyingly wrong. :wink:


lol yeah when I first saw a mammoth bird I thought it looked like a offspring between Cthulhu and an ostrich.


Squids are awesome…they’re like mops made of jello


So what are the birds?..Necrodactyls?


No worries, its fine :slight_smile:


Oh, thanks :smile:


Found one, it’s at the top of the list