AI creature ideas


So we have lots of brain stormers thinking of plenty of great monster themes and ideas. How about some about simply the little guys? (not the main monster).

How about a plant that uses tendrils to snare hunters and the monster when they get to close, and may even do damage over time?


Well, a lot of that is already there. For example, the chomp-plant will grab hunters if they’re not careful and the dune beetles and megamouth will mess hunters up as well if you get in their territory. Check out the Welcome to Shear mega thread to read up on some of this stuff

Welcome to Shear - Wildlife


I think it would be cool if there was like a tumor/mutant/sick version of a normal wildlife maybe lagging behind a group of them that offers 1 extra meat than normal but maybe slows the monster down for a period of times or makes him leave a more obvious trail? Something where you can get a slight boost but with a slight consequence could be neat.


I’d like to see a plant or something that hangs from the roof in caves or tunnels and swoops hunters up.


Good idea. Something equally quick and harmless if you’re with a person but just another thing to make you watch before you run blindly.


Seen it. There is never enough creatures. DLC could be how we get some. And if there is a volcano map, than ideas for that would be cool. We are still discovering creatures in our own world, why not in sheer every once in awhile?


Great idea.
I thought about big tree that attacks hunters when they get cloose to it.
It will catch them and it will beat them on the ground until they die.
To save your friend you need to shoot the branch of the tree.
It would be really annoying if the tree catches for example 3 hunters :slight_smile:


I’d definitely like to see some more variety of killer plants. Big flowers that shoot poison darts that slow you down, vines that tangle you up and slowly drag you into a gaping maw, mushrooms that spray out clouds of blinding fungal spores, etc, etc.


I liked the idea of a monster that offers a good chunk of meat, but hurts the monster in some way. A little poison, can’t sneak, slowed by 10/15% etc…


Good idea !
I’m with you for more killer plant. Maybe a plant hide in a three? :stuck_out_tongue:


I want a doppleganger plant. If someone touches it, after 20-30 seconds a duplicate of it (Monster or Hunter) starts roaming the map. It doesn’t have the health of the creature imitated of course.


Also, some sort of winged bird creature would be fun. Maybe it will only attack when something has a low % of health. Like a vulture or something.


Maybe some sort of Hornet nest that could be disturbed aggravating a swarm. Go one step further and let either side take the nest and throw it like a grenade at the enemy.


For a volcano area “fire fish” They look like fish that fly through the air that are made of fire. (like a phoenix) They would act like Piranhas and attack in a swarming frenzy lighting the creature on fire.


So they have the steamadon guys that when they get killed blanket the area in a dense fog, crippling the hunters vision but thanks to smell not the monster. Well I’d like to see some kind of stink bug/beast that when killed unleashes noxious gas that has a minor visual effect but plays absolute havoc on the monster’s smell sense, effectively blinding them if they use it. edit: and poor Daisy too for that matter.


Just wanted to clarify, does the smoke occur only when they are killed, or just when threatened by being attacked/hit?


To my understanding, they release the steam when they’re frightened. So you don’t have to spend time as a monster killing them, just spookin’ them


I like this one! not all snacks are good for the body haha. it would help the hunter team too. since ya know…the wildlife can end the hunters pretty fast if they arent paying attention


Well I am pretty sure I have seen them smoke up when being hit but not killed, not sure about the proximity thing. Perhaps someone who has actually played with them can say for sure.


lol i always thot the steamadons were bad for the monster since it gives his position away. but i like your thinking!