AI Changes?


I was wondering if the AI is going to be changed down the line. I don’t play online with others that much because I only have a certain tolerance for people. (Would play more online if the Wraith wasn’t a boring thing to fight, but that’s a rant for another time.) The AI is… decent, but it lacks in a few places. Here are some of my suggestion if you can improve on it.


  1. Depending on the monster they will try their hardest to stay away from each other
  2. Support capitalizes on cloak, along with using it to run if he’s last alive or when he’s down when he sees medic or someone else is taking too much damage, he will activate it.
    2a. And they don’t fire when cloaked if they’re too damaged.
  3. They won’t follow you as much. They won’t lone wolf it but they act less like flies to candy.


  1. SNEAKING (ノ °益°)ノ
  2. Better sense to know when to bail from a fight (or avoid as much as possible if domed)
    2a. Also knows when it will win a fight.

I know programming an AI can be a hassle but it would be nice if it was improved a bit, give em a bit better odds against and with the player or players.