AI bug in last patch?


I mostly play solo or coop with friends against the AI

But since the last patch the monster AI is really weird. It just comes at you at stage 1 and fights to the death.
It doesn’t even try to run away when its armor is gone and the dome is down.

I believe it must be some kind of bug.

I also have a small suggestion.
It would be awesome to have some more difficulty settings for the AI.
And the possibility to vote to change the difficulty in coop.

Thanks :grin:

They hinted at some sort of new “Hit & Run” AI tactics, but it wouldn’t surprise me if that made their survival rate even worse.

Not sure what that means exactly. Maybe the Monster bot was evolve-ready and didn’t feel safe enough to do so? Not sure. Engaging the Hunters until death is certainly not the solution.

Maybe @Bot can help by giving us some insight on how his species cope with silly AI.

It’s not just the monster AI if you ask me… I’ve played solo to try and get a few masteries in with Gorgon, because they’re so tedious and take forever… Well… The hunters don’t chase her properly. Half the time they’re just idling and getting nowhere. I’m guessing they introduced a bug to the AI that interferes with both sides of the spectrum; monster and hunters.

By any chance to do you place Spoder traps as you go? I don’t play solo because I don’t like farming masteries and I think A.I fights are boring, but I do play Skirmish and in one game I was Gorgon and Hank was A.I. The other 3 Hunters chased me properly but Hank didn’t. I kept hearing his laser cutter in the distance. When I finally meet up with him again he is shooting at my Spoder (which is safely on a ledge :smile:) and he can’t kill it.

I saw something similar. Trapper removing the dome after ~50 duration or someone got a strike. Then the team spreading out without reviving

I played a few more rounds and there’s definitely a problem with the monster (I didn’t notice anything unusual with the hunters though).

I played as the trapper and didn’t throw any dome, just to see how the monster behave when it is totally free to move wherever it wants.
It is always the same pattern : the monster eats to charge is armor up, then attacks the hunters. It stays in the fight until its health is down to approximately 1 bar, then it tries to get away. If it successfully gets away, it eats to regain 2/3 bars of armor then attacks again. It never survives the second fight, obviously.

Is there a fix planned?
if not, is it possible to roll back to the previous version of the game (before last patch)? I am on pc.