AI Bots Needing Fixes


There are some issues with the bots.

Medic: Caira doesn’t use her acceleration field at all compared to it was before the patch. Also, Val, Slim, and Lazarus don’t use the healing burst very often as well.

Monster: Hopefully the devs could fix some of the AI on the monster as it’s too easy to win as the hunters especially Wraith and Behemoth.

Thank you for taking time to read my post so you can make the single-player experence better.


AI Goliath is insane, but yeah, the others are easy. The AI hunters sometimes are stupid, like, they engage every wildlife they see and they follow you all the times, also, when I’m Sunny, they don’t use the damm booster


I can’t see them doing anything with the AI. as well the bots in multi are supposed to be temp place holders and the single player is much like cods just tacked on to say it has a solo portion


Just lost a match because an AI bot wouldn’t shoot a pouncing monster cause a tree that was knocked over was in the way he just ran towards the medic and didn’t stop the pounce. Also the bots are fucking retarded when it comes to wildlife oh i’m caira better kill that sloth while everyone else runs past the fucking thing.

Playing with a bot trapper is basically free stage 3 for monsters cause they never cut off and can be 10 feet away and won’t throw the fucking dome.

If you pick bucket better not use your UAV cause one of the bots is gonna stick with you.