AI Bot Tracker is not doing his job


So I decide to try out Bucket (thank you TRS!) in Training and Custom match modes and the first thing I notice is that the Tracker just doesn’t do his thing. He doesn’t look for the monster.

I keep having to press “6” frequently just to play Tracker and then switch back to Bucket or whoever else I want to test after casting Dome.

I also noticed AI teammates stand around waiting for me to follow tracks, etc. Please improve this. Thanks. :slight_smile:

P.S.: Bucket feels good so far, but it was hard to evaluate as I ended up using Abe half the time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Training Mode Bots

Any devs seen this? It’s a consistent problem. I’m pretty sure if I don’t press “6” to take over the Bot AI playing tracker in particular the AI Monster will just Stage 3 by itself out there with all of us still at first drop zone. :rage:


yeah, pretty sure it’s common sense hunter bots are waaaay dumber than monster bots, so they could get them a little more proactive. Not only get the trapper to use the scanner ability but get them to at the very LEAST run along with you but spreading as to even give new players insight on how to properly chase the monster


It’s ironic because I was trying out Solo as I got tired of Public matches where the novice Trappers were standing around and asking other people what to do.

I don’t mind doing that, and I’ll be happy to experiment/learn/share with everybody when Co-Op queues are up. It’s always easier to learn and have fun against a Monster AI doing roughly the same thing each time without exploits.

But I was surprised to see the Bot AI Trapper doing worse. :stuck_out_tongue: