AI Bot perks


I don’t know if there’s already been a thread about this, I apologise if so, but does anyone know what perks the bots take for monsters and hunters? Are
Some random, or do they pick the same perk every time? I know Val takes capacity, and I think Hyde takes Quick Switch, but I’d love to know some others.


I believe they are random? Not 100%, but it would make sense. I wish there was a way to tell when you drop into a bot.


I wish it would list it on the team select screen or something like that. Just so you have an idea.

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Gets old fast taking over bots, and having to play a whole game where a bot chose a bad perk.

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I wish there would be a way to pick their perk or at least see it down in the left hand corner. I don’t know. There should be some way to know at least.


The hunters take capacity, and the monsters take armor regeneration.

It works on a select few hunters, and almost benefits the monster bots in they can make more mistakes fighting the wildlife without getting wrecked.


Maggie takes movement speed, laz takes speed reload. There’s some others as well.


Perk should pop up under all the other information when you bring up the map. It already has whatever buff you picked up listed when you open the map so why not some more info like perk?


I just joined a game from the start where the Laz took healing factor. I might have taken over from someone, but there was no camo, and the device took longer to recharge than I’m used to, so no mastery there. It might just have been a vanilla Laz though.


griffin almost always picks reload