Ahead of the summer sale, TRS / 2K, please update your steam page


I understand details and marketing material are still probably being fleshed out for “the” TU, but I think that there’s still value in bringing attention to the overhaul the game is about to see for people who may be interested in picking the game up during the sale (when I assume it’s going to be discounted).

While you’re at it, you really ought draw more attention to the free content you’ve provided and are yet to provide (e.g. adaptations, maps etc.), especially since one of the “criticism’s”, unfair as it may have been, was the DLC / lack of content.


You may want to reword that. I sounds like the lack of DLC was one of the criticised points instead of their abundance.

I terms of the steam page, I agree that it could be made better, though the main thing is gone: No more skinpacks showing in the DLC list.


True :slight_smile: updated


What has been free so far?

Arena Mode

That it?


Needs updating I think, but


Hmm…why the ‘but’? Isn’t the linked post itself confirming how much content TRS have provided - a significant amount - which is what I’m suggesting ought to be better reflected on the product page?

Maybe I’m missing something here…


Because it’s bootyful :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s implying like “But here it is anyways”


Yeah, sorry, I mean it’s not necessarily the full answer of what has been free, but the link is there regardless since it’s the best source of info!


Request for 2k to go to the Store page on Steam.
Remove ALL DLC.
Put the 2 seasons passes + the core game.

Everything else… Gonzo.


No thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


No. That’s already available.


This will be something we go over with 2K before the Summer Update hits, but we definitely want to revise the page a bit to better showcase all the fancy stuff coming along with the next update.


Hmm, you don’t think it of value to try get some more visibility for all of this content and some kind of an announcement for the incoming update ahead of the steam summer sale, which I gather will happen before the TU release? Or are you discretely announcing a release date here of before the steam summer sale? :wink:

Also, ‘Summer Update’ is the official title for TU9 / TU1 / ‘The Frequell’?


It doesn’t seem like it was implied that the update would happen before the Steam summer sale.

Also, it’s rumored that the summer sale will start on 6/23, which is in about 4 days. It seems unlikely that the “summer update”/TU9 would be launched within those days.


I guess I should clarify I was only half-serious with the last question in that paragraph :slight_smile:

I do, however, think that the store page should be a bit more reflective of the amount of content TRS have kindly provided (even just bullet points) ahead of that sale given it’s so close to the update release.