Ahahahahahah freaking ball? ahahahah

You trolls, of all the movement types I was expecting for the Behemoth, I had nothing so arcady in mind ahahah, what a surprise.

Limiting vertical mobility, no jumping…its going to be a very different game, maps are going to feel really cool with the limitations.

Also you brought out the tongue attack, gave us another projectile, we get a small monster-arena… so many wish list abilities in one monster, its going to be sick to see how he plays.

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Now I want to create an animated banner,
1st stage you see the tiny Behemoth running, crying and being hit by 4 hunters laughing.
2nd stage of the animation, 4 hunters running and crying, chased by a gigantic boulder.


I’ve come to the conclusion that Behemoth is actually a Yoshi behind all those rocky plates.

A mutated zombified Yoshi !!..

(In the Behemoths’s head) Shit how did they know