Aha! I have discovered the monsterous ways!


So iv been wondering how these undefeated monsters havent lossed a single match. by now or even in the beggining they had to at least TRY evacuation mode. theres no way they could no what to do perfectly every time. as most people used this to power level. i wondered how they won their first encounters of 4 autobalance on defend with a good team. or rescue with autobalance.

You dont die!!!. this leaderboard thing is hated on enough. but the fact that if you have been defeated doesnt count towards your WLR because your monster doesnt die is funny to me. I always made an effort to go balls deep to see if i can muscle out a last second win. i ONLY lose in these modes. but now i no how those precious 0 death monsters run around. they lose but they dont die so they have a perfect score.

I could be wrong i guess and ppl are just raping evacuation teams. but to me that is 90% unlikely that anyone not on xbox who has tried evacuation early knows what the hell to do to counter a strat a hunter team can deploy.

note: poop i should have just sat in the back and took the loss lol. id be undeathed as well :stuck_out_tongue: