Agree or Disagree: Goliath > Other Monsters?

Coming up on 6months of Evolve and I still consider Goliath my “Go To” Monster. He is just a “Jack of All Trades” GodZilla! :goliath_roar:

Now, this is not to say that I can’t “Rek” some “RBK” (Random Bad Kids) as Behemoth or Wraith. I can usually win as Kraken, but I’m just “in the zone” as Goliath. (Considering that some Monster players I run into don’t know how to utilize Goliath, I’m going to refrain from typing my strategy.)

Who agrees? If you disagree, why?


Goliath and Kraken are too close to call one of them the best monster, the monster players playstyle, the hunters team comp, and the map will all affect which one is better in each situation, although Goliath can be extremely weak against certain team comps while Kraken isn’t incredibly hindered by any specific comp imo


I love Goliath and if I was good enough I would main him but my best is Kraken and it’s the best competitive option for me.

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i agree if we are talking about roasting the hunters butts on public matches. although i love goliath, he just isnt as effective against a talking and coordinated team

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Goliath monster race!


Goliath and kraken are the only two monsters that can compete with any hunters the other two just suck and cant come close to them.

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I love behemoths health bar but that pause before lava bomb allows any Hunter with a brain to dodge it. Wraiths health bar sucks. End of story.

i also get in the zone when i play goliath. But my favorite is wraith. I use her most because she can get away so fast. Most the time i just use her stage 1.

Goliath and Behemoth are the best baby!!!

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Well, my global rating with Goliath is in the 11,000s while the other 3 Monsters are in the 8,000s. So for me I tend to have better luck with the other Monsters in Multiplayer, but it also could mean that I should just play him more often to improve myself.

You should totally make a poll.
I think it goes Kr>Go>Wr>Be


I haven’t even unlocked wraith yet.

Come on, really? Kraken is basically a god, especially in pubs. His 3 point aftershock is basically undodgeable. You cant beat him without a hank. As well as the fact that his airborne movement means he can change direction instantly with no loss of momentum. This makes him nearly impossible to shoot consistantly.

Here let me fix that for you


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Hahaha. Do you just stand there and take it lying down?

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Kraken is fo sho #1, i could see behemoth being better than wraith if bugs weren’t so prominent.

Nah Goliath and Behemoth are number 1. You can tell I like them both equally. They are my mains. I like their appearance and play style the most :3

Definitely Kraken > Goliath > Wraith > Behemoth.

Kraken has stronger and more reliable combos, the flying makes for long fights since he’ll eat less damage, and aftershock speaks for itself. Goliath is strong, but kiteable and can struggle against defensive team comps. But they’re both stronger than Wraith, who has almost no chance of getting strikes without taking damage - and the small health pool makes that add up quickly. Last is Behemoth, who is just too slow and telegraphed. You’ll catch him easily and generally dodge his abilities - and if the team is coordinated, even the nastiest combos can be dealt with.

All from my own experiences and opinions, of course. I’m a Goliath main.

Ugh i just want to talk more about behemoth but im sure this isnt the place for that haha.

IMO Goliath is the only fun monster to fight against or with

I feel all monsters are balanced now

but every monster has weaknesses that depends on utilizing and using Hunter characters that takes advantage

like Wraith is trash against Abe … but looks amazing against other trapper … because Abe can slow her too much and take away her tool to win . you know

Sky Kraken & Wraith feels the Strongest IMO
Then Goliath
Then Behemoth

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