Aggressive wildlife no longer aggressive?


Lately (the past two weeks), when playing as monster I have noticed the dangerous wildlife of shear, not caring about the hunters. As monster I have always elected to pick a fight where both the terrain and wildlife will give me the edge. But lately i have seen the nomads, sloths, tyrants, armadons, and blitzers essentially ignore the hunters right next to them, inside the dome I baited. Has anybody else noticed this or am I just beyond unlucky. It used to be that if a hunter just looked at these creatures wrong, then the medic would be working overtime, making my life easy. But now its like the creatures of shear are all on good behavior for the hunters, like they are afraid Hyde will melt their faces if they eat his buddies…


Yup. I rarely if ever rely on wildlife to distract the hunters unless they get pounced before hand.

Its far better to capitalize on it when they walk in to wildlife beforehand and you run in to punish them severly for it rather then getting domed in a area where there is a dangerous wildlife because the majority of the time that wildlife may end up ignoring the monster/hunters completely and on top of that most good hunter teams simply eliminate that wildlife upon doming you.


I hope the ignoring is a bug, because the fantastic strategy of luring hunters into a trap of wildlife is counterproductive atm.


Just today I’ve been eaten by a plant, a tyrant and pounced by a blitz leopard. So, not broken. Lol


I am speaking of when in combat with the monster. I have had them be annoying as a hunter all the time if I dont utilize mobility, but even then not during fights with the monster.


I don’t know what game you’re playing but in Evolve when I play Hunter everything is out to get me. Especially those evil thunder chickens called Mammoth Birds :tired_face:


As a monster player I haven’t really noticed a difference. But if I had to guess it’s not the fact that they’re ignoring them, I just think it’s becoming more well known/easier for hunters to kill them.


There is a wildlife buff that makes wildlifes run away from hunters. Maybe that?


I had a nomad and a megamouth chase me across the map today. I have noticed them being more aggressive since the patch personally.


I joined a game yesterday as Hank getting owned by a Nomad. I’ve also had the same amount of Dune Beetles, Blitzleopards, and toxic hounds (I always forget their name…) chasing after me as usual.


What about during conflict with the monster?? That is the only time they seem passive, when there is engagement taking place.


If I were on a computer right now I would look for the clip of the Dune Bettle I watched chase my teammate two hundred meters before my teammate noticed (by getting attacked) and climbed a cliff.


So far I have avoided that situation. I usually kill them on site so its not an issue but its a bit more difficult as the medic