Age restricted on XBox One Evolve for Multiplayer only

My son has just downloaded Evolve on his Xbox One and gets the message '‘you are not old enough to logon’ in multiplayer? he is registered as an adult in his Xbox live account and is registered as older than 18 (I police the content on what he can play).

He can play the game in single player ok, so the content is the same, how do we sign on for multiplayer?

What’s his My2K account age set at?

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Thanks for the reply, I set it as over 18. But on the Xbox One it uses Xbox Live account doesn’t it? he hasn’t signed into a 2K account?

I may be incorrect on this, but your son needs a My2K account to play. Could you show exactly what it says when you click on to Multiplayer?


Hi, to play the game, these are the steps he does:

Starts Xbox One
Signs in as his Xbox Live Account
Starts Evolve
It then shows 'Signing in as ‘XBOX Live Account’'
It then gives a Status screen and says ‘You are not old enough to Logon’ - A to continue
Multiplayer is then greyed out on the menu screen, but he can play Solo from the menu.
He can join other peoples games if they invite him in.

I have created a account with the same username as his XBOX Live account and set his DOB on that as the same as his Xbox Live, which is over 18.

Hmm, have you contacted Xbox Live Support?

I’d give them a call, they should be able to help you out!

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Create another account. Load it up and see if it persist.

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Wait you need a 2k account to play Evolve? That didn’t happen to me.

You probably shouldn’t respond to threads that are over a month old.


Oh sorry about that