Fun little game where the big eat the small players. Anyone else play or want to leave their records?
My current best is 3000 mass and a run time of 16 minutes. I’ve only had it for a day tho :slight_smile:


Seems a little late for this. All the hype about died out a month ago. I actually forgot about it until I saw this lol


I had no idea it existed until yesterday.


I’m lazy, does someone want to post a link with a video or something about this game? I’m always interested.

I’m just on my phone cause I’m out right now.


D: It brokedid.


Put my name as Trump and ate a guy named Mexico

10/10 very accurate


I love this game for the names, other than that I rage

My brother named himself “Ebola” and ate Africa XD


First decent video I remember.


I don’t remember my mass but I created a ball called Star Wars Sucks and I made it to number 1 and stayed there for about an hour before I goofed.


You sun goofed up!


Got greedy and split to grab a medium sized ball got eat by two other big guys for it. :confused:


Whole playlist of Bodil40. Some funny shit there.


I can’t stand his laugh…I try to ignore it


Geoff from RoosterTeeths laugh > Bodil40 Laugh.

facts are simple.


I’ve gotten to 18k before. Used to be a real stress reliever then people started the teaming bullshit.