Question 4 Teens etc


This is a question to the other teens on the forums, in school have u guys seen anyone playing this? like everyone in my lab here at school is playing this because of how addicting it is, plus how u can disguise it as a science game with cells x3


There are 32 chromebooks open in my Algebra class right now, 31 playing, half of them all on one server, and that one person who isn’t playing, on some type of Forums :wink:

EDIT : @Wompy… It is on the forums :scream:

Come at me @Blue_Spork

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B…But i’m so tiny ._.


Evolve is 18+, so if you are seeing this in class, I suspect you are dreaming.


Its 17+ (:
10 char.


@ToiletWraith What am I doing with my life O_o


That’s no moon…

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