Against evasive Monsters, all Assaults should be more like Torvald. Less shut down by constant running


When I say that other Assaults should be more like Torvald, I mean that they should be more effective against evasive Monsters typical in early Domes.

I do not mean that they all need powerful long-ranged tools to match his Mortars.

By extension these changes would help other Assaults against the Kraken, which typically avoids most of their damage simply by flying.


Lightning Gun

Can now be fired at three times its current range, but its battery drains much faster the further away its target is.

Fire up close to maximize battery life, fire at range when needed.

Energy cost scales with range - 1x current value at current range, 3x current value at maximum range.

Against more distant targets Markov would swap between the Assault Rifle and the Lightning Gun often.



Direct damage reduced, afterburn increased. Maximum damage output more or less equal.

Sustained fire will still be useful, but the weapon will be more effective on grazing shots against evasive enemies than that of any other Assault.

Gas Grenade

Direct damage removed, now applies a 4 second damage over time effect that renews constantly on the Monster if it is in the cloud.

Combined with the Flamethrower change, Hyde will have a strong damage over time debuff focus - virtually guaranteeing some level of damage if he can nick the Monster.

This would help him against evasive Monsters by increasing his damage output when he can only briefly close with them while giving the Poison Bomb much more consistent damage.


Super Soldier movement speed buff and jump height buff increased.

With this Parnell will have an easier time staying in position with Super Soldier.

While he should by no means be able to keep up with a fleeing Monster, being able to position somewhat more effectively would greatly help him against evasive Monsters.


They have something for that already. Its called a trapper.


Unless a Behemoth is involved, Trappers are lucky to stall Monster by more than a passing moment.

While I wouldn’t mind making them more effective with more powerful, but less frequent CC, these changes are rather minor.

Markov would be a bit more effective at medium range.

Hyde would do a bit more damage if he managed to get close or land the grenade.

Parnell would be slightly more mobile generally.


And Torvald would still decimate me from across the map as I leap three times in irregular patterns. :stuck_out_tongue: Kidding.

Didn’t you post this somewhere else already?


That would take quite a bit of leading and prediction on Torvald’s part.

Some of these were part of a random brainstorming thread where I had ideas but no real reason to suggest implementing them, though not this exact list.

As a side note, I don’t think any of these changes would really let other Assaults compete with Torvald against evasive Monsters - it would just make them a little better against them.


I was kidding, Galgus. :wink:

And I agree, it would, but it would also make them worse for sustained fights.


I don’t always detect sarcasm well. :sweat:

Aside possibly the Hyde DoT change, depending on how it was implemented, these would be pure buffs.

Markov’s Lightning Gun wouldn’t empty faster within its current range, so he would be able to choose whether or not to use the more costly extra range.


Ah, I didn’t think you meant to have an alternate mode for ranged fire. :slight_smile:


It wouldn’t be an alternate mode really, Markov could just choose not to pull the trigger while the Monster was at range.


Every assault is fine right now with Sunny.


With Sunny this is far, far less of an issue - but they must not be balanced around always having Sunny.


I actually do like these ideas, except removing direct damage from Hyde’s grenades completely - I think it should do an AOE DoT and a lingering poison effect DoT (similar to fire damage & burn DoT). But I agree that Assault weapons should be able to deal meaningful damage at range against highly mobile enemies, because all of the Monsters are highly mobile (and even more now with Tier 4 running around with high damage AOEs). It’s difficult getting meaningful damage on a flying Kraken with most of the strongest Assault weapons (and it’s even worse since both his flying is bugged and CC doesn’t work on him consistently), and a leaping Goliath or Skywraith also present problems unless they choose to engage and start making mistakes. Markov is stuck taking potshots with his Assault Rifle, Hyde spraying his Minigun, Parnell firing off rockets - and you can do solid damage with some accuracy - but their damage potential as an Assault is completely lost. They all have very high damage potential, but I wouldn’t be surprised if most teams switch over to Torvald to maximize damage out of the Assault class. It’s not even that he’s overpowered, but his kit is very efficient and has a good mix of accuracy and range. He locks down a good sized area of the battlefield - everything in front of in nearly 100m is fair game.


Have you never heard of assault rifle, minigun, and multifire rockets?

Assault rifle does more normal dps than lightning gun, and is so much better against single targets it’s not funny. Markovs who don’t use it are terribad, Markov is the long range defense specialist, where Torvald is the long range offense specialist.

Minigun does nearly as much damage as flamethrower now, and has a long rage excellence that makes it more than good enough for ranged fighting. Hyde is also the most dot focused already, and I would say the best at dealing with evasive monsters in close combat.

Parnell’s rockets are as strong as any other assault weapon, except assault rifle, shotgun, and potentially Torvalds weapons, and more than makes up for the travel time with aoe. Super soldier is still lethal with rockets, and not using them isn’t the character’s fault, it’s the player’s.

Why doe you want buffs on the close combat weapons to deal with ranged enemies, when the ranged weapons exist, if Markov isn’t using assault rifle that’s his fault, it’s already better than lightning gun in every way except “accuracy”, if Hyde and Parnell aren’t good enough at range buff their ranged options, not make they cqb option long ranged.

Edit, I also fail to see how Torvald isn’t shut down by constant running, prediction and luck allow him to less reliably do what bullets do already, but flashier.

I have less trouble evading Torvald at a distance than any of the other assaults, because I can hear, see, and get out of the way of his mortars, as well as shut them down with smart terrain choices.

I would rather be Markov trying to fight a monster running away at range, because monsters have yet to outsmart bullet.


Thorvald isn’t generally really effective against evasive monsters


It wrong about his assault rifle, it only does more damage when used on weakspots


Super Soldier already increases Parnell’s jump height by 300%


Actually, parnell’s rockets are the least damaging assault weapons, assuming that Thorvalds shotgun does more damage, which it seems like he does


There is a reason why monsters run…

A. Needs to evolve
B. Needs to get shield back
C. Needs to search for albino so he can get health back




Assault rifle does 1000 damage in 6 seconds, all body shots, Lightning gun does 1030 in 7 seconds.

Assault rifle does more damage, or the same damage in a shorter time if you really want to be specific, and can get weakpoints, while recharging faster, and being able to hit a target reliably at greater range. If you can hit your shots it is simply better.

Rockets deal 450 damage in 3 seconds, 150 dps, compare to lightning (^~145dps, and a longer recharge by miles), or flamethrower (1660 damage over 11 seconds, or ~150dps, but with fewer reloads). Super soldier doubles that dps to 300, only beaten by Val with headshots (~320dps), and SS shotgun (~550dps, fully body shots, all pellets)


The rocket launcher does 90 dps. it has 5 missiles. 90 times 5 equals 450