Against AI hunters


I’m having trouble grasping the basic concept of this game I think, so far I have lost every single match against AI as Golaith and I’m not entirely sure where to begin the improvement.

I’ve been usually trying to stealth away and at least get to stage 2, which is fairly easy since I have no trouble stealthing around and send the AI in other direction.

Problem is once I engage the hunter, I just can’t kill them even though I usually go after the support than the medic and the rest. I keep dying even if I’m fighting at full armor along with few red creatures around.

What am I supposed to do to kill these AI because this is getting frustrating.


Know when to run, its very easy to get lost in the moment and battle long after you should have escaped. Take them down a few pegs, escape if you’re getting weak and regroup. Come back and evolve if you feel that you can, finish them off when the time is right.


try hiding around rocks while domed, use your smell to marygo round around rock islands or large buildings, and take shits when u have a good one