Against a Kraken and EK, Harpoon or Stasis


When I play Hunt, and I know its a high skilled player, automatically its a Kraken or Kelder. Which is better for Kraken, and What is better for Kelder since he is lower on the ground?

  • Harpoon on OG
  • Stasis for OG
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  • Harpoon for Kelder
  • Stasis for Kelder

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I use Maggie, because our team one since one of my harpoons went off and Kraken had serious trouble getting it off and dealt serious damage with Blitzkov and Cabot

I hear Kraken players hate Abe because of the Stasis

PS: My trappers are all Elite except Jack, not sure if that matters here or not

Edit: this is concerning Legacy Evolve


Harpoon for OK, Stasis for EK.