[AfterMatch] Compare average DPS instead of Total Damage


Hi everyone,

After each match, the player gets a comparaison between the total damage he did versus the average player.
I like the idea, but don’t think it should be displayed this way.

What if my game was 5 minutes long? (or even less?)
Even if I played very well, dealt 90% of the team’s damage, I will be displayed as having dealt less damage than the average player (let’s say the average game is 10 minutes long).
And the exact opposite if my game is 25 minutes long, the game will say I did well even if I didn’t, as I had a lot of time to deal damage: the Monster certainly got to Stage 3 (so more health to deplete) and I killed more wildlife.

My solution is to display the “Damage per Minute” instead of “Total Damage”.
This way, you can effectively compare to the Average player, as his damage will be displayed per minute, and not as a total.


I edited a screenshot I took from Youtube:

  • Before: The Game lasted 5 minutes, you didn’t have time to have a good total damage => You didn’t play well -BAD bip sound-

  • After: You damage Per Minute is in fact superior to the average damage Per Minute, for 2 of your skills => You played well -GOOD bip sound-

What do you think about it?
Does the actual system convince you?
Would you display it in an other format?

Thanks for your answers and have a great day. :slight_smile:


Yeah, if you catch the monster quickly and also finish him off you did really well and not bad like the stats would make you think


seems like it could work but the new system would also punish sneaky monsters that can stage up to level 3 without ever getting caught

personally I use the scoring system just to see how well I played each power since if im above average on flame thrower even though the match only lasted 5mins… I was epic with bringing the fire
likewise if after a 15min match my rock throw was below average… I really need to work on that


lol average abduction 1


Thanks for your answer.

Let’s say you sneak up to Stage 3 without ever getting caught:

  • Your total damage = 0
  • Your DPS = 0

Let’s say you then kill the hunters and your game lasted 10 minutes.
You still will have dealt low damage, as they didn’t have time to heal / rez / drop ship, so you didn’t attack them multiple times.

Your total score should be below average in the Total Damage and in term of DPS.
Don’t you think so?

I don’t think a DPS / DPM would hurt sneaky monsters who only engage at Stage 3, as they don’t have a high total damage allready. :wink:


thing is if all the damage is done at stage 3 and you win you could be fairly decent tho still below average but with DPS whatever damage you do will be divided by 15-20mins

im not saying im for or against im actually not sure which is better but they do both have flaws
and if it only counts DPS while in combat and timer stops while the monster/hunters are out of combat this would get rid of a few flaws


We’ll none of this is being stored, it’s just postgame info for one match that only you can see. You should be able to understand that the score is that way because the match was short, couldn’t find the monster, you were often dead/played bad.


I understand what you mean.

But to me, having a “You’re a bad player” displayed after each match shouldn’t happen, if you were just able to defeat your opponent(s) quickly.
I must be too proud. :wink:


What we currently receive looks like

Global: Total weapon damage ever/all matches where character was used = Global average per Match
Your: total weapon damage / 1 match = Your damage that match

There is no weighting given what so ever to match length. They potentially could manipulate the data in other ways which could offer more interesting statistics to the player, these would include:

Average by Match lasting less than 5 minutes
Average by Match lasting greater than 10 minutes
Average by player Level
Average by Character Tier

Depends on how much effort they wish to put into it. The data is already there, it’s just filtering more heavily to offer more targeted data.

Update: Just thinking that the above mentioned isnt too dissimilar to what’s already being given on the telemetry thread anyways…


Crazy idea, I know, but how about we get to see… both total and average! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!


I like the idea. It helps shy monsters away from the ‘run away and hide until level 3’ mentality.


I would still want to see my total damage. So maybe an expanded stay sheet would be cool


I would love to see my TEAMS stats to. So then I can really pull out the “Use your stupid shield Hank” or “You did 8 orbitals and only did 100 damage”. I think it would be useful to see those things as well.


for the global stats: would it not be better to divide your damage by added monster hitpoints and total armor *100 so you get a percentage based value. similar things apply to healing and shielding.

team stats would be really good… then again… if a medic has a low value, he is not automatically bad. the team is maybe just really good at dodging. at the end, this should be a tool to see why you lost and what you could improve. flaming your teammates because of bad values is not the intended goal.



This is a very, very good idea. Can’t see anything wrong with it.

Somebody summon the devs, please.


If no one gets downed I don’t get what the medic’s number is. It’s more for when people DO get downed you get can where he was focused. I.E. 85% of the time he had tranq gun out.


I concur, I would like to see it.


Yeah :smiley: