After work rituals?


What does everyone here do after work?I guess a simple answer would be just playing Evolve. I get off work at 7 am so most of my friends aren’t online and the Rush you get from playing Monster doesn’t really help me wind down. I have 90 minutes left in my shift and I will either go to a diner with my older brother or watch a cartoon and eat ice cream! (Kinda childish but it is so relaxing, you should try it.)


Childish things are fun. :slight_smile: And I would try it if I had a brother. My dog shall have to suffice.

As for my own post-trauma after-work “rituals” I like to take a shower and grab some coffee and then sit down and either read a book, do some research, browse the forums and occasionally play Evolve.


Train home, Evolve Hunter’s Quest or Tetris on my phone for hype-based purposes. Picked up by a mate, sit and play Evolve screaming our heads off at each other (LAN Evolve is amazeballs, just ask the devs you hear screaming in every stream).


I don’t think I have ever taken a shower right after work before. I bet that is pretty nice. If they let your dog in the diner please take pictures!


Only do rituals to satan after Tuesday, used to be everyday, but you know, life happens


Can you play Evolve like that? I thought it was online only.


…You know, I’m actually not surprised. It does explain a lot, Magik.


Well we party up and play from the same location. So it’s not strictly LAN. It has the social properties of one, if lacking the infrastructure. But I was referring to the same-room shouty-screamy stuff.


Haha what do the rituals entail?


Entails, mostly


I kinda do that too! But at 1 in the morning, down the stairs and across the hall to my roommates. Despite the fact that we are in a group chat.


Skype doesn’t need a minimum distance requirement!


Some things are better left unsaid.


You’re probably right.


Hmm I work late evening and one 12 hour shift every Saturday

5pm-1am normal and 4pm-4am Saturday

I tend to flop on the couch switching my Xbox one on , since my wife is sleeping most of the times. I either

A.) turn on Hulu plus/Netflix, to catch up on some shows while eating

B.) play evolve or something else

Yeah I’m such a lazy couch bum after my shifts lol


I wouldn’t care if you were a Satanist, I’ve been accused of it before. ^.-
If I make people think I’m a Satanist, surely they aren’t bad people.