After this patch I think I am done for a while :(


Kraken’s CC still hasn’t been fixed. That was what I was waiting for and to be honest I can’t really be bothered to wait all that long again for another patch no matter how micro it is. The new maps are cool but for a Trapper it just isn’t fun no matter the situation.

I await all the “This guy is salty” GIFS but you all have to agree that having a monster not be affected by traps properly just shows the game is lop sided development wise. I REALLY can’t wait to watch Krakens take the upcoming tournament by a landslide victory xD


If you insist


To be honest I would have loved a mature opinion from you but sure go ahead :slight_smile:


I’m likely going to take a break too, and hope that they fix Kraken soon enough.


Krakens primary fixes are coming in the next title patch. Theyre working on it. But title patches change larger chunks of codes and have far more hoops loops and red tape to clear before they are green-lit to go live.


Have they stated they’re gonna do anything about Kraken? He really needs to be pulled to ground more by stasis and espically harpoons! Behemoths practically gets stopped in his tracks if he’s harpooned while rolling, why isn’t Kraken when he’s Harpooned?


The devs haven’t really acknowledged much because as Macman has shown they are very data based. Unless something spikes then they probably won’t change it for a while. The game is pretty unplayable at the moment with the amount of Krakens flying around, so best thing to do in my case is wait it out with more polished games until they sort it out. shrug


Don’t take a break on the forums though >_>


i’ve barely been playing lately because i’m tired of the bugs/leavers

i play monster (no kraken, no “flee till 3”) and more than half the time the hunters will quit mid game or after 1 round

then i play hunter and it’s kraken after kraken using the glitches to their advantage, or i see monsters walk right through the edge of my dome, etc.

wish things could just go back to the way they were at release tbh


I’ve been taking a break from Evolve for the past two weeks and have been having a great time not playing. I only pop in to play an online match every weekend to pick up the skin.

The reason for leaving is simple really:

  1. Balance
  2. Bugs

I love Evolve. I love the idea of it, I love the gameplay, I love the hunters, and I love the monsters. I’ve logged over 200 hours (not including alpha + beta) and am still not bored of the content. What bothers we though is the blatant disregard to the bugs that plague the game as well as horrendous balancing. Also, the fact that it takes them weeks/months to even push a few simple balance adjustments out is ridiculous. I could probably do all the balancing myself and get it all done in half the time. They said it themselves that it’s only a simple tweak of the numbers.

Overall I’m just really unsatisfied with how things have turned out and actually rather surprised that the issues haven’t even been addressed since release.


Rarely been playing Evolve lately. Too many bugs popping up in every micropatch and there’s still tons of bugs that been around forever that have yet to be fixed.


They did say the Kraken couldn’t be fixed into the next big update. Never said they could fix it from the micopatch. I hope the next real update isn’t that far away because I also am sick of the Kraken CC


Played some matches after patch and I didn’t notice any added arming time on banshee. Anyone see a difference?


At least he’s still broken in time for his challenge for the Voodoo skin!

g’dammit devs :expressionless:


I have been saying for a while that we are actively working on Kraken. The PC will get the cc fixes in the next hotfix which is two weeks away. The consoles have to wait for the next title update but we will make additional tuning adjustments on those platforms to compensate.

I know it’s not as fast as anyone wants it, but code changes take more time.


Take as much time as you need to do it right. Most of us will wait. :slight_smile:


If only that were actually true. :confused:


We don’t mean to frustrate you. Some people don’t know they can track your individual posting on the forums so see all you’ve been up to.

BTW, MacMan did state the kraken fix will be in a patch coming in a couple weeks 6hrs ago. Forum stalk his posting here:

Might walk to make that your siggy so people can keep track of you lol As long as you don’t mind being forum stalked :open_mouth:


I get that people don’t like playing against Kraken… but seriously, this many complaints? I only encounter a Kraken about 1 in 15 games, if not less. Just leave when someone picks Kraken. Sure you’ll get the 1 minute penalty, but that’s still better than wasting 10 minutes on a match you can’t win - Thus leaving doesn’t matter, because you would’ve lost anyway. Might as well cash it in early and move on.


What s wrong with the Kraken?